Wednesday, April 14, 2010

basically my life struggle right now. school vs. crafting
even though my shop is kind of fizzling, i still have so many new ideas for headbands so i refuse to give up!

i also would really like to find a nice skirt pattern and make a bunch in different springy colors. urbn has this one skirt that comes in all these vintage patterns and i really think i could replicate it pretty easily. i think a trip to l.a. fashion district is in order...

tonight i am taking (yet another) break from homework to go bday bar scouting in santa monica with my dear friend annie. she is planning to invite 35 people to her 22nd bday shindig! so we have to find somewhere fun and big enough to accommodate that many people. and of course we'll have to sample some beverages haha.

this weekend is pretty intense too-i am driving up to santa cruz for ANOTHER friends birthday. It will be one last hurrah before i really have to buckle down and take this quarter's studies seriously.

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