Tuesday, September 20, 2011


i entered a hipstacontest. like it and maybe i'll win something...

Thursday, September 15, 2011


i have had a deep desire for a nice, cottonish throw for months now. but i think i missed the memo when the blanket gods decided any awesome throw has to cost more than 100 bucks. if i did happen to have a spare half grand lying around though..i'd go for these :

3. mustard stripes yum
4. bunnyz!
5. chevron


this is not a video i'm particularly proud of.

backstory - i heard this motopony song and became obsessed. then i decided to make a video but i didn't really have a lot going on that week so all i had was footage of loren's sister's puppy, a project we helped suzanne with, and me watching netflix. it's incomplete and weird but it satisfies the weird craving i get sometimes to combine music and images into one.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

this week...

sup guys?
i don't know about you, but my past few weeks have been pretty hectic. thus, this week has been deemed 'errands' week...or 'organizeallthecrapthatspiledupinmylife' week. whatever you want to call it.

1. crafting crap
yesterday i went to ikea with serg and lolz to buy boxes to replace the mound of shopping bags that resides in the corner of my room, holding tape, tissue paper, stationary, fabric and pretty much everything else you would find at michaels or maybe a spinstery dead aunt's basement.
2. tooth crap

my oral b toothbrush crapped out 3 weeks ago and i haven't brushed my teeth since..justkidding!!!!!!!! but i have been using a crappy free one i got at the dentist's office. so today i splurged and went for a sonicare ESSENCE. apparently it is godly.

3. bitter crap
uhm. k maybe i haven't taken care of that. work is hectic and kind of unsatisfying right now and i haven't really felt like talking/hanging out much. i just want to eat a veggie burrito quietly in my room, put together my ikea boxes, and brush my teeth. i think this feeling is temporary though.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

things i want.

i've been trying to spend my money a little smarter lately. that has translated to more money on food and less on clothing. baby steps. anyway, this is what i've been craving and might end up buying:

1. high waisted jeans
via anthro
2. sperry topsiders
i got a pair of the mens version for my friend's bday and i got super jealous. p.s. they sell select sperrys at dsw! can usually get at least 15 bucks off :)

3. bag o' dresses
via emersonMade ...are these dresses cute? is it just another lame gimmick i've fallen for? is this a basic i am going to become obsessed with? why doesn't the model in the pictures show her front? so many questions!!!! but i still want them!! BAGODRESSES!!!

4. marc jacobs petal to the metal bag.
i've been swooning over this bag for years now. yes years. i remember the first time i saw it was at the marc jacobs store in san francisco my junior year of college..i drooled over the counter for a good 20 minutes before the sales lady pried it from my moneyless fists and directed me toward the $3 keychains. gah. i'm thinking it might be a potential bday present request.

5. the saddest story of all.

i never needed those kira drawers from ikea until recently. so today i went to ikea just to find out THEY ARE DISCONTINUED. WHAAATTTT???? so angry. that was my ONLYREASON for driving the 30 miles to burbank. ok fine there were other reasons and a puppy involved in my saturday...recap should be coming soon(coffeebar, elysian park, forage, ikea, minigolfartopening)

i did some researchand there is a more well-constructed sister shelf sold in europe called the MOPPE...but no online orders in the UK. ughhhhh!!!!! i desperately need storage for my disgustingly large collection of washi tapes/rubber stamps/twine/random crafting junk and i really don't want to use those ugly plastic target drawers :(
in conclusion, i am on track to be nominated for hoarders.