Wednesday, August 31, 2011


this weekend we went camping for brian's bday. lots of ybikers and whiskey - not many pictures on my end because loren and nancy had their slr's + i took mostly videos.

only one minor casualty towards the end..

and i got to squeeze in some blue bottle before driving back yum!

and of course there is a video :) i need to fix the intro part-the text got thrown in accidentally while i was exporting blahgh..

Monday, August 22, 2011

this week..

oh man. hectic hectic week. but mostly in a super fun way. tuesday night i was on my way to meet loren for drinks and then who pops out of a tree next to her? brian! those sneaksters.
i am a consistent fan of the drink specials at bigfoot(west....) that night it was vodka peach coolers yum.
next night was senor fish - brian had a living social deal + happy hour = sooo many tacos yummmm.
next night was ugo with loren and nathan...i had never been before - you prepay this card and then go around to all these wine dispensers and pay by the ounce. that plus fresh bread, fancy cheese, and various salamis(...yeah definitely can't call myself vegetarian anymore...but come on how could i not?) yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum.

then saturday was the 10k!
lol oh jon. 'whaaaa?? the chip was supposed to go on the wristband???'
i was not happy with my time at all. the day before we had gone to bj's for lunch and i ate way too much crap/not enough sleep later that night. i started feeling sick on the 5th mile and totally blew any hopes of coming in at under an hour :(
oh well. after the run i bolted to ktchn105 to meet subert and boei for brunch. so unbelievably good. it is a totally out of the way place in the produce district - definitely have to know about it and make a reservation to get a seat but once you do get ready for an epic meal.
bloody mary - with a habanero pepper. brian thought it was a bell pepper and popped it in his mouth. the result was a different kind of epic.
it was just the most perfect outdoor seating - such nice lighting.
best carrot cake.
afterwards we tried to suppress food coma by walking around some of the party stores. PINATAS!
after a nap in elysian park, there was some geocaching in lil tokyo at which point my phone died. last few pictures....

sucks because we found some really cool stuff/there was a star wars exhibit.uhhh. then later there was a trip to wurstkuche where fake german accents were used a little too loudly. one more nap/rendevous at roberts so stephen and loren could come and it was off to pattern bar. brian and stephen met (finally) and got along so well i had to make a video of it. did i mention i slept all day today too? which is why i am up now and yes, i made a second video as well. geez what's wrong with me. i need to stop day-napping and start cooking my own food.

Friday, August 19, 2011

typography thursday

welcome to typography thursday!!! which might turn into typography tuesday...or friday. uhm. anyway i thought this would be a good way to keep me creating new designs and provide my strong band of 4 followers(thanks guys!) a nice pool of emergency-ready-to-print cards.

so here it is! so easy! just download and print!
download here

i just used this for an envelope on an etsy order - sorry the picture is so crappy and depressing. i went to ugo earlier with loren and nathan - 4 drink cards, 1 pair of lost keys, and a headband later i found myself feeling the urge to post this NOMATTERWHAT. i've been so wound up this week that sleeping seems to not be necessary anymore. anyway, point is, it took about 10 minutes to make that spunky, appreciative envelope. imagine what YOUCANDO!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


i used to be stressed all the time. all.the.time. since graduation i haven't felt that way. until recently. keeping it vague because i can't really explain it well right now. point is for someone who was as obsessed with school as i was, it is surprising how easily i transitioned from spending sundays like this:
to this :
{3rd series physics} < {iheartpie at eagle rock brewery}.
class dismissed.

Monday, August 15, 2011


this is gross but pertinent. soo i ate some tuna for lunch on wednesday. ok fine. i ate some tuna for lunch on wed and then got a craving for a tuna quesadilla melt at midnight and ate some more. i woke up to the following:

SOITCHY GUHH. it's still there. i am positive it was the fish. i spent a lot of the week dealing with the after effects of benadryl and now my short bout of pescitarianism is back to just veggieness....and some bacon. anyway. that's the craziest story that happened all week. otherwise just self explanatory stuff:
the drome.
bar cat at 1642
bday picnic at elysian park
LAUNDRY and facetime.
reason 230498203498 why wurstkuche is awesome : 6pm light that streams in through the windows. soooo good. no filters needed.
well..maybe one.
this was followed by dinner and titillating conversation at stepbert's. no pictures were taken. i was laughing too hard.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

this week..

i still need to finish baltic travels pt 3(and probably 4...and the video) but ugh i'm getting sick of staring at all those pictures. so breaktime(again)!

since i've been home this is what's been happening:

first day back - (attempted to) prevent jetlag with dulce coffee and lette macarons. didn't really work but at least i was sugar happy.
said goodbye to art in the streets...thanks for the guest pass robert(lookin good btw)
wurstkuche..i wish i could stop loving you.
worked on etsy stuff
visited annie in the oc<3
we went to rialto for lunch - it was so homey and delicious!
then a quick trip to buffalo exchange - i got a stripey cardigan and annie got cut-offs.
i must say this trip went over much better than the last time i was in fullerton:

some besties were home this week so we met up in venice for some food trucks...bacon grilled cheese from vizzi truck..guh so good.
augh so mad i didn't take any other pictures but i got a little bacon drunk after this. oh there they are! lovelies.
uhmm what else. brian showed me his new 32'' monitor hah gross my head is life-size!

another day with subert - fashion district for bead hunting, burrito break, moca grand, goats, pretending to be tourists for 15 seconds. all around super day.

angel's flight

friendship bracelets!

pinata alley
oh man! too many pictures for you? too much to read? here just watch the video: