Monday, April 9, 2012

new videos

new videos posted to my vimeo. grandma's woman of valor ceremony in march. i had kind of thrown it to the side because i had forgotten to record anything besides the speeches - no room to insert cute music meant nothing to work the time. but then after last week..which i guess is 2 weeks ago now..things changed. and i was so happy i had recorded my grandma's last public speech. she comes in around minute 13..other family and friends speak before that.

2. more fun video - just a catch up of home movies from dec - apr. all caught up now!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

some light

i got home yesterday just in time to see some actual sunlight peeking through my bay window. my studio faces north so i had never seen this before but the sun was setting and a single honey colored ray poked through to my succulent table. 

many of these are new additions- my grandma and i shared a love of succulents so i took some of hers home with me when i left santa cruz.
jelly beans sprouting!

have you seen the tumblr trextrying? it is so ridiculously cute.i thought of it last night as i was planting a new clipping into the soil. it was too heavy to support itself so i looked for something to prop it up with. i grabbed this plastic trex toy(because who doesn't have toy dinosaurs scattered all over their apartment duh) and his arms instantly clutched the clipping - it was perfect! trex triumphed! 

and my stop motion project is still in effect- i put the first month's pictures in the computer yesterday - it has already grown so much! (i like the intense flash in this picture - it's like domo is reporting on site in the jungle or something)

oh yeah - anyone see gmail tap on april 1st? i thought it was pretty good. i knew my dad would be into it too: 

last week

last week my grandma passed away. i should probably go into how great our relationship was, all the things she did for me. but i feel like I've been doing that nonstop for what feels like forever now. and it's exhausting. because what i really want to say is last week was the most horrible week of my life. at least that's what i kept saying in my head. and then quickly followed by this guilt driven ' spoiled girl'. because if the worst thing in my life so far has been my grandma dying, then i guess i've had a pretty easy life...mostly because of her. ironic. hah. it was sudden and fast. unexpected and simply horrible. but i just thought i'd mention it because it was so odd sitting in temple, feeling like bullets were shooting through my heart anytime anyone said anything to me about her. thinking to myself 'this is the most horrible day of my spoiled spoiled girl'.

when i got back home i was about to go to a dark dark place. and then brian took me bike riding.

 15 miles and 3 scoops of  mr. and mrs. miscellaneous ice cream later, i was feeling a bit better(that's a picture of carlin ...not me)