Thursday, October 27, 2011

last days in los angeles

my last days in los good to the point that i was questioning why i was leaving...

birthday dinner at gorbals
ohhhh look who showed up

suzanne made me the most spectacular cake i'd ever seen.
suberphen got me vintage cannibal plates. so cute!
annie got me all the things i love because that's just what she does
we look so HOTZ. miss her so much :(
miss them way too much.
the next day we moved suz out of her glendale house. i just had clothes from the night before so there were 2 suz's walking around on sat.

lunch with my aunt at el tepeyac - she went here for lunch when she started her first job in east la - 40 years ago!!! crazy.
look at the size of that burrito!!!!
finished the meal with fugetsu-do in little tokyo - they have this new STRAWBERRY mochi - soooooooo good.
i guess the next post will be on sf. well. there is another video in the works too. so la isn't completely over yet. i miss it :/

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

more succulents :)

the weekend before i left la for sf, i went to a housewarming party for some friends who just arrived in la from sf. housewarming present? succulent arrangement of course.

step 1 : buy pot.
step 2 : purchase succulents
step 3a : put down newspaper so dad will not notice i snuck into the garage to steal his special succulent drainage soil.
step 3b : put some broken pot pieces over the drainage holes so soil doesn't come spewing out every time you water.
step 4 : massacre succulents.

step 5 : put them back together.
step 6 : water.
step 7 : almost done-ish!
step 8 : make a cute bunting strand with twine and washi tape and take a horrible crappy photo of it in the friends' house because you fell asleep and didn't wake up until your ride to the housewarming party was busting down your door and you didn't even have proper pants on.

there you have it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


please 'like' my hipstaprint! if i get enough likes i'll get some wilco swag :D

just go here and like it on facebook! or tweet it but i don't use that because i still think it is a fad.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


moving my succulents to my parents because...well..i'm moving almost everything to my parents...because i'm moving to san francisco oh whaattt?? yup. got a job as a data analyst at the Gap. pretty amped.
but i wanted to do a little rearranging while i had the chance and i really like how everything turned out. except i wish i had taken before/after pictures because this is just the end result.

little sproutlet is still growing!

also - kind of obsessed with this video :

Saturday, October 8, 2011


this is a pretty good fishtail tutorial.

now everyone can go do this :
i'm off to get brunch at wood cafe! happy weekend :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

oh also..pretty amped about this


oh hello.

what have i been doing on the internet today? good question. what am i doing. what. am. i. doing. seriously. guh pull it together emily.

1. TOAST - playing at the nuart right now. i might walk over after work.

2. love stories - i think i may have mentioned before i have a semi-crazed obsessions with know..for the crafting, photographing, acoustic lovey music, video-editing opportunities. but ok..there's another reason i'm into them. i love to hear people's love stories. i think i enjoy hearing them more than the couple even enjoys telling them. so yes. 97% of my vimeo subscriptions are of wedding videographers. and one of my new favorites is shadetreefilms because they do the exact same interviews i do with my cousins, friends, strangers at bars who come as couples. augh it's so cute! this one in particular twangs my heartstrings because i am such a big believer in being best friends with your future spouse.

3. i'm a little too obsessed with dailygrace. i am not big on the viral video youtube thing. i never even knew you could subscribe to channels. but homg this lady is funny. it's hard not to talk like her after watching these episodes.

4. maybe i'll go do some work now. i'm ashamed.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

this week..

oh hii..

this week was bananas. i went to dinner with someone different probably every night. i drank a ridiculous amount of craft beers. there's pictures but i dunno. i'd rather focus on this weekend because that is what i remember.

saturday started early and random. subert told me to meet them at modernica. i was like uh okay i dont know why robert sounds so agitated and crazed at a design store but alright pin me and i'll come. turns out it was not the store i was meeting them at but the WAREHOUSE...because there was a SAMPLESALEEEEEEEEE. the crowd was pretty fantastic. everyone looked as sleek and intimidating as the designer lamps and eames-ish chairs they were buying.
i got caught up in the mass design whirlwind and stood in the 2 hour line to buy a mint figerglass eames(like) office chair. i'm pretty amped about it. one because i have been fantasizing about an eames fiberglass chair for forever and two because buying this chair takes me one step further away from hand me downs and ikea furniture. which makes it easier for me to pretend to be an adult(pronounced add-olt)

after all that sweat and consumerism we had to get some food. i was pleasantly surprised by blue star. when subert suggested a diner i was like 'oh geez grease and boring eggs' but it was sooo not that at all. let me put it this way. they make thier own jam and have a sandwich called the 'robertobello sandwich'.

oof. after that we needed a little walk. aren't these bike racks cute?!

there was also a trip to home depot for paint and lightbulbs where i couldn't not buy some new succulents.
so cute! love spending time with subert and so glad i got to visit modernica!