Sunday, April 11, 2010


hi! i'm emily and i am a senior applied math major at ucla. i love to craft and explore the cities i live in, so i created this blog to share my discoveries and current inspirations.

so...i guess i'll jump right into it. this weekend i drove down to san diego, not only to visit one of my very best friends lindsay:
but to attend a shopper....not a vendor but maybe one day i will figure out this whole etsy business and actually get a successful shop going. (its been about 2 months and no buyers yet :( )

Anyway, thread was pretty cool, but it was yearly-warehouse-sample-sale-camp-outside-at-2am packed and the layout of the event was...not quite massive crowd lots of accidental shoving and table pushing! all in the name of independent handmade art though so i guess it was worth it.

i met danni from (oh, hello friend.) who's blog actually sparked my impromptu sd weekend and was the very first blog i ever started to follow (yet another awesome thing about etsy-i found the blog after finding her shop after searching and searching for a tree necklace). she was sooooo sweet! there was a giant hoard of people at her table but she took the time to chat, get my etsy shop name and even added a freebie to my pile of jewelry that i was buying from her!

i wish i had taken some pictures...i'm working on taking my clunky camera with me more to places i go so hopefully my little blog here will get a little more colorful! now i'm back home in la with a pile of logic and numerical methods homework to do. the weekend is over...


  1. i knowww!!! isn't danni such a sweetheart?!?! i looooooove her. she is so creative and encouraging always.

    and MATH?
    yikes. i could never. haha.