Wednesday, September 14, 2011

this week...

sup guys?
i don't know about you, but my past few weeks have been pretty hectic. thus, this week has been deemed 'errands' week...or 'organizeallthecrapthatspiledupinmylife' week. whatever you want to call it.

1. crafting crap
yesterday i went to ikea with serg and lolz to buy boxes to replace the mound of shopping bags that resides in the corner of my room, holding tape, tissue paper, stationary, fabric and pretty much everything else you would find at michaels or maybe a spinstery dead aunt's basement.
2. tooth crap

my oral b toothbrush crapped out 3 weeks ago and i haven't brushed my teeth since..justkidding!!!!!!!! but i have been using a crappy free one i got at the dentist's office. so today i splurged and went for a sonicare ESSENCE. apparently it is godly.

3. bitter crap
uhm. k maybe i haven't taken care of that. work is hectic and kind of unsatisfying right now and i haven't really felt like talking/hanging out much. i just want to eat a veggie burrito quietly in my room, put together my ikea boxes, and brush my teeth. i think this feeling is temporary though.


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