Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last night was awesome. I went to San Francisco Center for the Book ( SFCB for short...which is really confusing because I also recently joined SFBC) for a 3 hour 'Personalized Stationary Letterpress' class. I patted myself on the back for cleverly signing up for this and not their 'Introduction to letterpress' class which is always PACKED(the stationary class covers the exact same things as the intro course ) . There were only 6 people and 3 vandercook letterpresses to share between us. So luxurious!

I got to (finally) set my own type, choose a color, and print a bunch of stationary! 

one of the vandercooks oohhhh...

slugs - for line spacing

furniture - to keep everything in place on the press

setting my first type! they had SO many typefaces to choose from - i switched twice before landing on this. For the first set I (eventually) chose 'pack my box' - kind of random but i liked the clean, vintagey look of it. 

 inking the press - sorry for some reason blogspot keeps rotating these last few pictures :( 
 finished product!

i had an hour left and asked the teacher if there was time to do another set - she was like 'if you hurrryyyy...maybe just do an image' ..then i found an entire drawer of birds hahahaa i wish i took a picture of that. but anyway i through this together( typeface is just futura) and forgot to take any pictures of the set..but really it was not very exciting. 
anyway. maybe i'll put some of this new stationary up on my etsy! the paper is divine - i forget what it was called but it is made from linen and is velvety/pillow soft!

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