Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dress Angst

It might be because everything is breaking at work so I have too much time to online shop or I'm just really materialistic, but I have been having the hardest time deciding on what to wear to an upcoming wedding.

A few months ago this anthropologie dress went on sale and I was like perfect! done.

Then they cancelled my order because they oversold. Then I ordered the dress on ebay for the same price and USPS lost it. Then I found out you aren't even supposed to wear red to a wedding.

Then I saw this madewell dress. Perfect! done.
Teagarden Dress
Then my size sold out. Then I also realized it kind of looked similar to a wedding dress.

So now I am so confused. I might borrow a dress from Loren but what if it doesn't fit? I found this dress at Jcrew and really like the color/shape but does it look too bridesmaid-y?

Arabelle dress in silk chiffon

Or should I just get a simple whatever dress
Silk Cami Dress

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