Thursday, April 25, 2013

An Abundance of First World Problems

When I was in college I took an Intro to Java class taught by a really grumpy and slightly ocd professor. He was overly particular about the smallest things. ie when making us write out code by hand, we had to make an indent exactly 2 fingers wide anything more or less was totally your fault and minus 2 points. One time I forgot to include my name in my homework which was submitted online. I put my name at the top but forgot to comment it out correctly so when he ran my code it of course error-ed out meaning instant 0/10 on the assignment. I went to ask him about it and he said 'oh yeah, your homework was perfect but you commented your name out wrong...really your situation is quite tragic as you would have only been docked half a point if you just had forgotten your name.'
I feel like all of my problems are like this. They aren't really that serious but they still kind of suck. These last 2 weeks were a series of 'quite tragic' events.

1. The Grated Thumb
Last Tuesday I tried to make/imitate Heirloom la lasagna cupcakes and grated my thumb. Not deep enough to need stitches but deep enough to convince myself that eating sour patch kids for breakfast the next day was well deserved in my pity party. which leads to the next issue

2. The Overly Dramatic Tooth
Three sour patch kids in I felt a tremendous pain in my left bottom tooth..a tooth I have had issues with for the past year since I got it filled. Seriously it is so...needy. Conversations at the dentist's office have been using phrases like 'your tooth needs to heal, it has been badly traumatized' and 'your tooth is bruised, you need to baby it and let it soothe itself' as if it is a small child who has been removed from a hostile home and placed in my mouth until somewhere more stable becomes available.  

Anyway, my tooth really hurt but I didn't want to go back to the dentist right away in fear that the filling would have to be replaced. My mom suggested wearing a nightguard as the pain might have been related to teeth grinding but I couldn't find my old store-bought one in the 10 minutes I spent looking for it. Waking up the next morning I couldn't even touch my tooth without excruciating pain. I went to work. I called my mom and cried. I called my dentist and cried. I told my boss I had to leave work to go to the dentist and cried. Then I went to the dentist and was pretty okay until they touched my tooth and I cried some more. More personified phrases of my tooth led to 'your tooth is too aggravated to do anything right now'. Anyway after a lot of advil and a nightguard, turns out my mom was right and I was grinding my teeth.

3. The Really Gross Bug Bites
We had 2 days of blissfully warm weather over the weekend. Which means the mosquitoes found me. I think I am allergic. 

4. The Broken Mirror
I tried to close my medicine cabinet and a cord was sticking out. I don't know if it was the angle or what but the glass instantly cracked.  After reviewing some youtube videos on 'how to remove and install recessed medicine cabinets' and 'how to extract rusted screws' and 'how to cut out painted in cabinets' I decided to just email my building manager. 

Anyway, I am very grateful these are my 'problems'. There are so many worse things going on outside of my clean, safe, lasagna cupcake filled bubble. Which I try to remind both myself and my special tooth everyday.

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