Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Last weekend I went to Kentucky with Sergio for Alex's wedding. It was partially 'when else will we ever get to go to Louisville' and partially 'we ate lunch with this guy every day for 2 years and he never told us he was dating this girl and now they are getting married we have to go' and (mostly me) 'partially 'i miss eating lunch with sergio and alex everyday...let's cling to that memory as hard as possible even though we've all totally grown out of that phase in our lives'

Our 4 days were pretty consistent with an ardent schedule of brunching, activity, lunching, bourbon, nap,dinner, more bourbon. 

Found this sweet vrbo penthouse to stay at - it did not disappoint.

One of our excursions was to the zappos outlet - it was pretty sweet. Everything was at least 50% off with opportunities for more if the shoe you liked had the sticker color of the week.

I got these but I wore them on our last day and we got caught in a huge rainstorm - they got wet and gave me horrible blisters that make me not want to look at them let alone expose my feet to their wrath again.

 The mens section was way more fruitful and Sergio walked away with 3 pairs of shoes and a crueset pot lol 

 bacon bloody mary and prosecco

We went to 2 memorable restaurants in Louisville - the Silver Dollar, which was pretty hyped by everyone we talked to at the wedding. We actually ended up going there twice - the drinks were delicious and food good and greasy. However the Blind Pig was definitely my favorite. probably because...

pictured above is the BEST BACON OF MY LIFE. maple-y, oily, and just the right amount of crunchy, I spent a lot of time thinking if it would be possible to stow a stack of this onto the plane...but I was too hungover by sunday to deal with the logistics of that. 

 smiling in anticipation of the bacon/meat plate

Another excursion we went on was to the Maker's Mark distillery. It was pretty interesting and enjoyable..my only 'should've could've' is it was over an hour away from our place/the wedding venue and after the tour we realized it didn't really matter which distillery we visited..it would have been the same deal. On the drive over we passed by 3 other distilleries - we should have gone to one of those and saved 1-2 hours of driving. but whatever! here is a picture of me dipping my finger into a vat of yeasty mash - tasted like sugar beer.

Then the final excursion was the wedding.
 deciding on shoes. 

 getting married :) 

I may or may not have used 1/3 of my carry on space to stuff a bunch of these jars in my roller suitcase. 

Now I'm home and my pants don't fit but it was totally worth it ;) 

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