Tuesday, March 20, 2012

things i want that will never go on sale

There have been some items lately(as in the past 6 months) that have really been nagging at me. I hate paying full price. I always have a promo code for online purchases and if it doesn't have it's original price covered with a markdown sticker, I will rarely touch it in stores. I always check craigslist before going to ikea.

These items are all expensive.They will not be going on sale anytime soon. Actually the only way I foresee a discount is if I hunt down a warehouse sale or win a blog giveaway that happens to be featuring them.

1. Lo and Sons O.G. bag  - $295
This is the quintessential 'weekend bag', designed to fit a laptop, extra pair of shoes, and whatever else for a quick trip down to la. It has been featured on two giveaways and of course I lost both times. I guess I should really consider getting up with this twitter fad because at about 300 bucks, it is just too much for me to spend on something I would pull out only five or so times a year. Gah I would feel so chic at airport security though :/

via lo & sons
2. Woody's Bamboo Fenders - $140
I got a Public bike last week. Mostly because my walks back home to Hayes Valley from the Mission were getting a little too long and creepy for my taste. It's been fun and scary(this was my first time taking the bike out - my manic face comes out when i am either terrified or there is really good cake in front of me)
via public bike and my iphone

Anyway, my bike is ORANGE and also one of the older first generation bikes..meaning my fenders don't match like the newer models! I'm planning to add front and rear racks, but augh these fenders. I have some intense cycling friends and even their intense cycling fenders are cheaper than this. Also, I really don't foresee myself biking in the rain. This is just to make visiting my friends easier and safer at night when public transit isn't a sensible option. So unless I happen to go to Oregon where these are made and run across a Woody's sample sale, I'm not quite sure what I'll do about this. Maybe I can just cover the fenders I have now with wooden contact paper ;)

Ok. This one is weird. But I do really want it. The Hatch Collection Coat in twill runs for $338. Oh yeah. and it is a maternity coat. BUT. the whole point of the collection is for it to a be a transitional piece that works before and after pregnancy too. I'm nowhere near being close to even thinking about being a pregnant lady, but I already kind of dress like one. Jeggings, loose sweaters, moccasins...these are my staples. and this coat is FLEECE LINED SO COZY! but with 3/4 sleeves you can still keep cool. I just think it looks so chic and easy and would keep things dressed up outside while being a slumber party inside. Out of the three items I have listed this piece is the one I would most likely buy because I would probably wear it everyday. But still. $340? I rarely go over $100 for any one piece of clothing. We'll see if I crack.

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