Saturday, March 3, 2012

what's new

this weekend we drove to santa cruz for my grandma's woman of valor ceremony. it was nice - beautiful weather and lots of family I rarely see.

took the 1 down from san francisco:
I brought place cards for the dinner:

a lot of food and some family meltdowns later, i am back in the hotel room getting ready to go back to the city.

excited to get home - pizza night tonight! and lots of projects i hope to finish.

1. fix the mess of a frame arrangement i spent way too long trying to make hah!

2. not a project, just have to share my succulents!
crazy story about this guy - it is a clipping from a succulent i bought a long time ago and subsequently murdered(by accident!). well after throwing it's shriveled parent in the trash i saw this guy forgotten in a box and look! it has already grown petals! with no dirt or water! christmas miracle! the legacy lives on!
...i think i need a pet or something.

3. the Ikea Bookshelf Project. going on 3 weeks now. i am attempting to do this diy project but got a little busy this week. so my kitchen has looked like this for about 5 days now. reason #199 that living alone is awesome.

4. facetiming more with these people.
that's all - new typography tuesday this week hopefully!

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