Wednesday, March 14, 2012

uhmmm may we discuss spoonflower for a moment?

during my daily blog reading today, i saw this  arrow print in sfgirlbybay's post. oh man that is some cute fabric. spurred by my recent and slightly frustrating trip to michael levine this past weekend, i got VERY excited about this newfound website. basically anyone can create/design a fabric pattern, share it with people, and spoonflower will produce it!!! the price is kind of $$$ (all the prints i want are $18 a yard) but the designs are like nothing i have found anywhere else. i usually come across 1 or 2 of these prints in an ENTIRE fabric store and here they are - by the thousands! i've started a pinterest board because once my cart got up to over $100, i considered that maybe i should think about my choices first. or start planning a quilt :)

In other news, the rare baby bunny Til recently faced his tragic end - at his first press conference, a cameraman accidentally stepped on him:(

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