Thursday, April 5, 2012

some light

i got home yesterday just in time to see some actual sunlight peeking through my bay window. my studio faces north so i had never seen this before but the sun was setting and a single honey colored ray poked through to my succulent table. 

many of these are new additions- my grandma and i shared a love of succulents so i took some of hers home with me when i left santa cruz.
jelly beans sprouting!

have you seen the tumblr trextrying? it is so ridiculously cute.i thought of it last night as i was planting a new clipping into the soil. it was too heavy to support itself so i looked for something to prop it up with. i grabbed this plastic trex toy(because who doesn't have toy dinosaurs scattered all over their apartment duh) and his arms instantly clutched the clipping - it was perfect! trex triumphed! 

and my stop motion project is still in effect- i put the first month's pictures in the computer yesterday - it has already grown so much! (i like the intense flash in this picture - it's like domo is reporting on site in the jungle or something)

oh yeah - anyone see gmail tap on april 1st? i thought it was pretty good. i knew my dad would be into it too: 

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