Sunday, October 2, 2011

this week..

oh hii..

this week was bananas. i went to dinner with someone different probably every night. i drank a ridiculous amount of craft beers. there's pictures but i dunno. i'd rather focus on this weekend because that is what i remember.

saturday started early and random. subert told me to meet them at modernica. i was like uh okay i dont know why robert sounds so agitated and crazed at a design store but alright pin me and i'll come. turns out it was not the store i was meeting them at but the WAREHOUSE...because there was a SAMPLESALEEEEEEEEE. the crowd was pretty fantastic. everyone looked as sleek and intimidating as the designer lamps and eames-ish chairs they were buying.
i got caught up in the mass design whirlwind and stood in the 2 hour line to buy a mint figerglass eames(like) office chair. i'm pretty amped about it. one because i have been fantasizing about an eames fiberglass chair for forever and two because buying this chair takes me one step further away from hand me downs and ikea furniture. which makes it easier for me to pretend to be an adult(pronounced add-olt)

after all that sweat and consumerism we had to get some food. i was pleasantly surprised by blue star. when subert suggested a diner i was like 'oh geez grease and boring eggs' but it was sooo not that at all. let me put it this way. they make thier own jam and have a sandwich called the 'robertobello sandwich'.

oof. after that we needed a little walk. aren't these bike racks cute?!

there was also a trip to home depot for paint and lightbulbs where i couldn't not buy some new succulents.
so cute! love spending time with subert and so glad i got to visit modernica!

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