Thursday, October 27, 2011

last days in los angeles

my last days in los good to the point that i was questioning why i was leaving...

birthday dinner at gorbals
ohhhh look who showed up

suzanne made me the most spectacular cake i'd ever seen.
suberphen got me vintage cannibal plates. so cute!
annie got me all the things i love because that's just what she does
we look so HOTZ. miss her so much :(
miss them way too much.
the next day we moved suz out of her glendale house. i just had clothes from the night before so there were 2 suz's walking around on sat.

lunch with my aunt at el tepeyac - she went here for lunch when she started her first job in east la - 40 years ago!!! crazy.
look at the size of that burrito!!!!
finished the meal with fugetsu-do in little tokyo - they have this new STRAWBERRY mochi - soooooooo good.
i guess the next post will be on sf. well. there is another video in the works too. so la isn't completely over yet. i miss it :/

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