Wednesday, October 26, 2011

more succulents :)

the weekend before i left la for sf, i went to a housewarming party for some friends who just arrived in la from sf. housewarming present? succulent arrangement of course.

step 1 : buy pot.
step 2 : purchase succulents
step 3a : put down newspaper so dad will not notice i snuck into the garage to steal his special succulent drainage soil.
step 3b : put some broken pot pieces over the drainage holes so soil doesn't come spewing out every time you water.
step 4 : massacre succulents.

step 5 : put them back together.
step 6 : water.
step 7 : almost done-ish!
step 8 : make a cute bunting strand with twine and washi tape and take a horrible crappy photo of it in the friends' house because you fell asleep and didn't wake up until your ride to the housewarming party was busting down your door and you didn't even have proper pants on.

there you have it.

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