Friday, October 7, 2011


oh hello.

what have i been doing on the internet today? good question. what am i doing. what. am. i. doing. seriously. guh pull it together emily.

1. TOAST - playing at the nuart right now. i might walk over after work.

2. love stories - i think i may have mentioned before i have a semi-crazed obsessions with know..for the crafting, photographing, acoustic lovey music, video-editing opportunities. but ok..there's another reason i'm into them. i love to hear people's love stories. i think i enjoy hearing them more than the couple even enjoys telling them. so yes. 97% of my vimeo subscriptions are of wedding videographers. and one of my new favorites is shadetreefilms because they do the exact same interviews i do with my cousins, friends, strangers at bars who come as couples. augh it's so cute! this one in particular twangs my heartstrings because i am such a big believer in being best friends with your future spouse.

3. i'm a little too obsessed with dailygrace. i am not big on the viral video youtube thing. i never even knew you could subscribe to channels. but homg this lady is funny. it's hard not to talk like her after watching these episodes.

4. maybe i'll go do some work now. i'm ashamed.

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