Thursday, July 14, 2011

i've been in a pretty bummed out mood this week. it is a petty and selfish complaint. but i'm still trying to wrap my juvenile brain around the idea of close friends in relationships...real relationships. like 'let's rent a summer cottage and have dinner parties' relationships. it is the sad puppy inside me that feels neglected and friendless once their happiness reaches full capacity and every rare outing turns into a marathon of staying confident and comfortable as the consistent third wheel.

anyway, kristen wigg helped me out a little tonight in bridesmaids...kind of. well her life was way more of a hot mess than mine. so..

by the way. i've noticed that i am obsessed with grey. some people have things for exciting bold colors like mustard or lime green..but i freaking love grey. sometimes i have to stop myself from walking out of the house because grey skinny jeans with a heather grey shirt and dark slate cardigan? elephant much? even my sheets are grey! i just love it.
oh. and the bird on the foot? rubber stamped. i've been doing that for about a year now. still haven't decided if it's worth making permanent..

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