Sunday, July 17, 2011

my garden

my little garden went through some struggles after moving to a new porch with much much much more sun. but i am happy to say everyone in the succulent department is doing well - just look at succy!! you can see the last remnants of his burn from the red tips on the outer parts..but there are finally some new pedals growing! i'm so relieved.

it was quite the struggle getting these guys back to good health. i had to macgyver this protective shade from an arrowhead box and some kraft paper. i used a normal office hole punch and a martha stewart border punch so some light could get in....okay and so it would do pretty things like this:

so the succulents are finally healthy..however...i do have some other plants. their current state makes me worry about my care-taking abilities.

this flower is a WEED. as in it grows out of concrete on the sidewalk. this is all that is left of it.

this next project...erhmm okay this one is my bad. i bought irish moss but lagged on getting the concrete pot it is in right now. so it kind of dried out before i even planted it. oh. and the purple droopy plant there? also a weed. my dad took a clipping off of a busy intersection on westwood blvd. also on the brink of death :(

and just to make this even more real. the pretty punched out paper? pretty ghetto from a normal person's angle:

oh well. it's a little sloppy, but there is some good stuff percolating in this garden.

i'm leaving for a 2 week trip tomorrow with my dad, aunt, and grandma - we will take a cruise all around the baltic - germany, sweden, finland, estonia, russia, and denmark. it is my first time out of the country and my first vacation since last june! i'm going to leave some of these guys at my parents' house..maybe my mom can nurse some of them back to health by the time i get back :)

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