Monday, July 11, 2011

why my aunt joan is awesome.

loot from my aunt joans:

1. hand knitted arm warmers

2. tomatoes from the garden

3. succulent scraps – since I keep killing mine I’m not labeling this hobby as hoarding...but it is getting there.

4. cashmere, hand embroidered scarf from a trip she took to India.

5. striped lucky sweater from the mid 90’s – it is an xl and I love how it hangs off my shoulder.

my aunt joan goes far and beyond the job description of ‘aunt’. She has been present for all of my major life events. She was the first person to take me to Michaels. She bought me my first embroidery kit. She taught me how to bake and gave me leg warmers when I started ballet. Besides the standard ‘what’s new with work’ talk, we discuss pie crusts, succulents, and Martha Stewart. She is brash and strong and always sends me home with girly things we both love. She is my middle name and I don’t know what I’d be without her.

Today I attended her dog’s birthday party….and yes I was definitely present for all of little Rocco’s previous life events(duh…he IS my cousin). Mooch and rocky ate hamburgers while we ate fresh baked bread, salad filled with tomatoes from the garden and sweet potatoes only aunt joan has the recipe for. Then moochie ate rat poison and had to go to the vet(he’s okay though – didn’t eat enough to get hurt)

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