Monday, July 11, 2011


so lately i have been blogging a lot..but not here..

i started a tumblr a while ago - and have been using that. i don't know why but for some reason using blogspot gave me this weird stagefright - i read so many amazing blogs everyday where the writing is so witty and the pictures so perfect. there is always some kind of inspiration and direction with each blog and i feel like i just ramble about stuff. something about tumblr is more relaxed, but also annoying. it is hard to format things the way i like and i don't really follow anyone there as much as i do on blogspot.
...i am also unsure about the name. i love white felt as my etsy name, but as a blog? it just added another layer of anxiety because maybe this should be more of a diy space on how i make the things i make..but that's a lot of time and plus i've been way more into video editing lately than headbands. ugh. last night i thought about making an but then wouldn't that just add to the madness?

i wonder if anyone else regrets their blog name. it sucks because one of the things i love most about blogs is how you can go back months(or years) and see how much you've changed/evolved...

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