Monday, July 11, 2011

my body/brain are beyond confused right now. i have not been eating vegetables so i feel bruisy and malnourished. and i'm tired(get ready because this is another rant about the gre). i had everything painstakingly planned. i had actually written out a meticulous hourly schedule so i could take the gre, move, and be done with that hot mess in one short weekend. now i am in this bizarre, stressful, burnt out limbo and i want to just drop everything and go to graphic design school. i think the fact that i can't get a perfect score on a math test whose subject i tutor to my friend's 13 year old little sister is starting to seriously damage my self-esteem.

the new apt is really nice though and i am thoroughly enjoying living in a new area..even if it is just culver. last night loren and i walked to akasha and ate vegetables and quinoa and other delicious things.

this morning i stopped by the nursery to pick up a new planter for an idea i have. it involves moss and concrete and this purple clipping my dad picked up the other day. anyway, in other plant news : my succulents are sunburnt. poor guys. not used to that much exposure on their new deck. one day they will grow and look like this though:

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