Friday, August 5, 2011


since i just posted one of my amateur creations, i thought i would share some videos i've been <3ing lately:


particularly awesome because not only have i swooned over this brand for years and years now, but i got to go to their homestore while i was in FINLAND last week :)

i hope one day i can do/make something this awesome

andrew+carissa always wear stripes and make unbelievable things. it's like when you meet someone and they carelessly tangetize things you were never able to describe before. i think that's what meeting your soul-mate is supposed to feel like...too bad they are already married to eachother.

this isn't a video. but i just bought that bunny sweater from lenko. i really wish i could explain why. stupid australians seducing me with their trendy websites and adorable craftsmanship. i didn't even know what happened until i had already hit the the paypal button.

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