Monday, August 1, 2011

baltic travels pt 1

i'm back from 10 days of baltic cruising. it had a lot of ups and downs but overall a pretty successful first trip out of the country. it was my grandma, dad and aunt who went. i think cruises have a lot of pros and cons to them..the major pro being you can go to a ridiculous number of places in a really short period of time and never have to lug your stuff around..and the major con being that people on cruises are weird and you gain 10 pounds off of american buffet food. i'm backpiling on videos i want to make but a cruisemovie is definitely in the works.


first official country i ever entered outside the u.s.? CANADA. montreal to be exact. we spent exactly 20 minutes in the airport before transferring to our next flight and it was a pretty awesome 20 minutes. it was spent photographing this and buying canadian candy.


the cruise picked up in denmark, so we flew to copenhagen and spent a day there.
tiny wings at the airport with dad - we both significantly improved our form over the course of the trip(i beat the game!)
when we got to copenhagen the luggage took FOREVER to load and the driver my grandma's travel agent had arranged ditched us. so we took the metro and some buses to get to our hotel. it was pretty cool. except we got lost...a lot.
my dad is so funny:
me : 'homg dad ITOLDYOU it was the last stop'
dad : 'hey how would i know, i don't live here!'
me : 'but THE MAP KNOWS.'
dad : holds up camera - 'hey SMILEEEE!!!'
everything/everyone in denmark was incredibly healthy/trendy/all around superior to any other place i have ever been. that's a bathroom up there. and it projected movies on the wall so you would have something to do if you had to stand there and wait.
royal palace
the mermaid. this was the first taste of the tour groups. buses lined up and people continuously flocked out of them. soon i would be among those people.

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