Monday, August 22, 2011

this week..

oh man. hectic hectic week. but mostly in a super fun way. tuesday night i was on my way to meet loren for drinks and then who pops out of a tree next to her? brian! those sneaksters.
i am a consistent fan of the drink specials at bigfoot(west....) that night it was vodka peach coolers yum.
next night was senor fish - brian had a living social deal + happy hour = sooo many tacos yummmm.
next night was ugo with loren and nathan...i had never been before - you prepay this card and then go around to all these wine dispensers and pay by the ounce. that plus fresh bread, fancy cheese, and various salamis(...yeah definitely can't call myself vegetarian anymore...but come on how could i not?) yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum.

then saturday was the 10k!
lol oh jon. 'whaaaa?? the chip was supposed to go on the wristband???'
i was not happy with my time at all. the day before we had gone to bj's for lunch and i ate way too much crap/not enough sleep later that night. i started feeling sick on the 5th mile and totally blew any hopes of coming in at under an hour :(
oh well. after the run i bolted to ktchn105 to meet subert and boei for brunch. so unbelievably good. it is a totally out of the way place in the produce district - definitely have to know about it and make a reservation to get a seat but once you do get ready for an epic meal.
bloody mary - with a habanero pepper. brian thought it was a bell pepper and popped it in his mouth. the result was a different kind of epic.
it was just the most perfect outdoor seating - such nice lighting.
best carrot cake.
afterwards we tried to suppress food coma by walking around some of the party stores. PINATAS!
after a nap in elysian park, there was some geocaching in lil tokyo at which point my phone died. last few pictures....

sucks because we found some really cool stuff/there was a star wars exhibit.uhhh. then later there was a trip to wurstkuche where fake german accents were used a little too loudly. one more nap/rendevous at roberts so stephen and loren could come and it was off to pattern bar. brian and stephen met (finally) and got along so well i had to make a video of it. did i mention i slept all day today too? which is why i am up now and yes, i made a second video as well. geez what's wrong with me. i need to stop day-napping and start cooking my own food.

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