Tuesday, August 9, 2011

this week..

i still need to finish baltic travels pt 3(and probably 4...and the video) but ugh i'm getting sick of staring at all those pictures. so breaktime(again)!

since i've been home this is what's been happening:

first day back - (attempted to) prevent jetlag with dulce coffee and lette macarons. didn't really work but at least i was sugar happy.
said goodbye to art in the streets...thanks for the guest pass robert(lookin good btw)
wurstkuche..i wish i could stop loving you.
worked on etsy stuff
visited annie in the oc<3
we went to rialto for lunch - it was so homey and delicious!
then a quick trip to buffalo exchange - i got a stripey cardigan and annie got cut-offs.
i must say this trip went over much better than the last time i was in fullerton:

some besties were home this week so we met up in venice for some food trucks...bacon grilled cheese from vizzi truck..guh so good.
augh so mad i didn't take any other pictures but i got a little bacon drunk after this. oh there they are! lovelies.
uhmm what else. brian showed me his new 32'' monitor hah gross my head is life-size!

another day with subert - fashion district for bead hunting, burrito break, moca grand, goats, pretending to be tourists for 15 seconds. all around super day.

angel's flight

friendship bracelets!

pinata alley
oh man! too many pictures for you? too much to read? here just watch the video:

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