Monday, August 15, 2011


this is gross but pertinent. soo i ate some tuna for lunch on wednesday. ok fine. i ate some tuna for lunch on wed and then got a craving for a tuna quesadilla melt at midnight and ate some more. i woke up to the following:

SOITCHY GUHH. it's still there. i am positive it was the fish. i spent a lot of the week dealing with the after effects of benadryl and now my short bout of pescitarianism is back to just veggieness....and some bacon. anyway. that's the craziest story that happened all week. otherwise just self explanatory stuff:
the drome.
bar cat at 1642
bday picnic at elysian park
LAUNDRY and facetime.
reason 230498203498 why wurstkuche is awesome : 6pm light that streams in through the windows. soooo good. no filters needed.
well..maybe one.
this was followed by dinner and titillating conversation at stepbert's. no pictures were taken. i was laughing too hard.

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